Thursday, June 23, 2005

Challenge #1- Abecedarian Poem

Africa a continent far away,
Below equator,
Cranes fly overhead in blue sky,
Desert arid lands lie dry,
Elephants, giant traveling caravan,
Frog leaping goes croak in the night,
Gazelles migrate across grassy terrain,
Hyena, laughing, hunting carnivore,
Incubus, the needy, riddled with AIDs,
Jungle tangle of serpentine vines,
Kilimanjaro mountain climbers dream,
Lion roars to greet,
Men carrying machetes and large guns,
Nigeria natives speak English,
Oratory and declaration rich,
People value the sound of speech,
Quake can occur, earth shaking,
Regions of the country all around,
Streams of red lava, molten fluid moving,
Toward native villagers as they sleep,
Ugly, angry, ashes raining,
Volcano mighty, erupts,
Witch doctor prescribes tarantula bites,
Xanadu like village hidden near insiduous mountain lake,
Yew tree in the forest yields medicine for the sick,
Zanza musician, plucks the instruments metal tongues.

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