Monday, December 31, 2007

Several Poems Written from Kalliope Prompt


In blue sky birds perch
On brown tree branches

Rotted flesh, yet green
Below on the ground ---

A stench, heavy, sweet
Rises in the air

Busy chirps endure
Just as ripe fruit drops
Each of us must die.

Poem 2
In this poem I put the same letter in second line, which I decided,
made the poem hard to understand. It needs rewriting.

"Ripe Fruit"

In blue skies birds perch,
Framed by green leaves,
On brown tree branches
Fermented perfume
Rotted flesh, some green
Festering maggots squirm
Below on the ground
Fragrance musky
A stench, heavy, sweet
Fetid and unfettered
Rises in the air
Fairy and Elflike
Busy chirpers endure
Future most certain
Just as the ripe fruit drops
Finally we die.

1. A brief description of the first thought
2. The original draft few lines
3. Three beginnings of poems including titles and either: first lines;
or first few lines (whichever you have)

"Timmy Died, "
"A Child dies."

First thoughts: Parent deals with death
Some beginnings:
I. I sit here by his side
My child had died
Did the world sigh?
Did bird's chirps change to cries?

The bond is broken
The floor dark red
Yes, my son is dead

My eyes are horribly swollen
The empty sound
Resounds, bounces in my head

What captured his soul?
Life is no longer the goal.
II. I look down at the red stains on the hardwood floor.
I feel my eyes red and swollen
I see that he is not breathing, he is dead
III. I stare down at his still form
I wait for his chest to rise
I begin to accept, to mourn
Timmy, my Timmy is dead.
IV. Timmy's demise
A child dies
The world sighs
Chirps change to cries.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Little One

Avoid strife and Live life, little one,
When you leave I will grieve and groan
Forge ahead, go up to the top, never stop or stumble
Fighting is a part of death; take a breath, be brave
Give your "all" to each day, stay away, from sorrow
Since you can't know, let it go, gracefully
Avoid Strife and Live life, little one.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Rose

Alone, I hold this single red rose,
Tired, its petals are gilded by mold,
When you spoke, were those lies that you told?
Why couldn't you be honest for one more day?
To you, this was only another springtime flower
It's almost dead, winter is near, I suspect,
Next year, even tho the roses will bloom again,
There will never be another, like this one here,
In fact, I hear stories they might all dissappear!

Monday, December 03, 2007

exercise: Jueju

The wind howls into my ear
My body responds with fear
Wind, the element mixer,
Tormenting devil tricks'er.
Zephyr does whisper to me
"Dust, there is no where to flee!"
Wind, the elixir does blend
Elements dance and ascend.