Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Challenge# 9 Cinquain - Nirvana

Lust passion enslaved
longing for purification


Free from shackles
Temporate in habit
Clean and free from impurity

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Challenge# 8 Amphigouri

Pale blue moon beams
bathe my naked body.
Fire flies blink wildly,
I watch them,
And I am mesmerized.

The fan blows
my hair into my eyes,
You sleep beside me,
as if tranquilized,
Hazy gray vaporous dreams.

Challenge# 7 Adynaton

When the moon
stands still
The wheel
rolls uphill
Then I will
you forgive
and begin again
to live
This speech
was contrived
To let you know
Our love cannot survive.

Challenge#6 Anacreon

Luscious, sweet fruit of the vine,
On the table are two glasses,
Filled with white wine,
Across from me you sit,
You smile,
Deep blue innocent eyes,
Without guile,
Very slowly you trace,
The outline of my face
With your fingers,
Your hand lingers,
Your lips meet mine,
As we kiss I find,
Warmth spreads,
Feeling sharp tingles,
Yearning and desire mingles.

Monday, June 27, 2005


C haste
H anged
R eigns
I ncarnate
S avior
T rail of blood.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Challenge #4 Academic Poem (modernism)

Hearing my command
she pauses,

just long enough,
to let me know whose boss,

then obediantly jumps,
into the back of the truck.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Challenge#3 Abstract Poem

Plastic, artificial,
Too shiny and too perfect,
Deep dusky red color will never fade.

Challenge #2 Poem using abstract language

In an earlier romantic time in my life,
Chauvinism, sexism, and ageism...
Passion came easily to me,
Delivered without design,
No charge for love or fee,
Now, in this time today,
Realism, rationalism, and materialism..
enchantment has gone away.


Challenge #1- Abecedarian Poem

Africa a continent far away,
Below equator,
Cranes fly overhead in blue sky,
Desert arid lands lie dry,
Elephants, giant traveling caravan,
Frog leaping goes croak in the night,
Gazelles migrate across grassy terrain,
Hyena, laughing, hunting carnivore,
Incubus, the needy, riddled with AIDs,
Jungle tangle of serpentine vines,
Kilimanjaro mountain climbers dream,
Lion roars to greet,
Men carrying machetes and large guns,
Nigeria natives speak English,
Oratory and declaration rich,
People value the sound of speech,
Quake can occur, earth shaking,
Regions of the country all around,
Streams of red lava, molten fluid moving,
Toward native villagers as they sleep,
Ugly, angry, ashes raining,
Volcano mighty, erupts,
Witch doctor prescribes tarantula bites,
Xanadu like village hidden near insiduous mountain lake,
Yew tree in the forest yields medicine for the sick,
Zanza musician, plucks the instruments metal tongues.