Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Terza Rima

Soldiers Convoy
Victim's of trickery
Helen of Troy
Stay the course
Don't anger the Gods
Trojan horse
Collateral damage
Killer's excuse
Smother outrage
Orchid lithophytes
Grows on stone
Operation Right-to-life



Are you.......

One of seven, intelligent; pure beings

Historical script in a holy book

Cherub illuminator of God’s envy

In the constellation Ursa Major

Light that entered the womb before my birth

Scorekeeper of deeds in a holy book

Courier assigned to take my soul away

Or Are you simply...

Displayed in my curio cabinet

Inanimate, chipped, winged, white doll

Stamped with the insignia “made in China.”

Monday, March 20, 2006


George the old free-range Rooster
He is cock of the walk
And a slick tongued boaster
Listen to him crow and squawk
Leader of big bend
Ruler of all the chickens
He makes sure his elephant friend
get the best pickens!
The hens have lost their hope
He says "Killing is life and isn't cruel"
"Don't you understand you dope?"
When the biddy gets squashed by the mule.
It's the collateral price of "my" freedom
Stay locked in your pen
Next time it won't be a bird that will come
Keep it shut, don't let the gate open

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Accentual Meter

Though true, definitely different,
Dogs dig holes, cats scratch poles,
Canine jumps; growls low,
Feline creeps, meows loud
Bowser barks-Wags his tail,
Preening Purring she's perfectly proud,
Though True, definitely different,
Equally Eager to leap into my lap.